Author: Hung Vo
– Graduated from Clemson University with MS degree in Computer Science – Founded Designveloper, an outsourcing companies focusing on delivery of most elegant web design, fully customized web, mobile app development, VOIP and embedded software implementation. At Designveloper, my job is to ensure smooth cooperation between departments including technical, design, project management, sales, marketing and human resources. I love researching and applying new technologies and best practices into my company. There are lots of them, including, but not limited to, responsive, parallax design, single-page realtime application to agile, test-driven development, pair programming.

5v5 football tatics

Although football is our company’s favorite sport, we have been playing it as just hobby and not for professional. In order to improve the quality of our matches, we nwed to truly play as a team, with strategies, tactics and

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Behavior Driven Developement (BDD) training

Below is my training about Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to Designveloper. The demo in this presentation uses Meteor and Cucumberjs. It was part of a real project that we are working on.

Overview of Web and App development process

Below is the presentation that I gave to my company in March 11th, 2014. At that time, we were focusing on all javascript solutions for both web and mobile applications. There are much changes at the moment, but most of

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From the art of puzzles to data structure

This paper will focus on two aspects in the TED talk “Scott Kim takes apart the art of puzzles” of Scott Kim who is professional in problem maker especially puzzles. Both aspects will be considered under data structure perspective. The

Using “interface” to organize data and tell story about lives

Nowadays, while we are living in high-tech century, communication becomes much easier and there are tons of ways to collect and represent data around us. As Aaron Koblin said in his TED talk “Artfully visualizing our humanity” that “Our lives

Thoughts about next generation digital book

Nowadays, rapid growth of technology makes life more convenient, development of e-book and other new technology such as Nook Color as well as Push Pop Press book are good examples. This paper will take a look at differences among three

Hurricane as data structure

Nowadays, with emerging research interest in hurricanes, a hurricane should be presented as a data structure so that hurricane information can be efficiently stored, organized and manipulated [1]. Hurricanes research involves in hurricane circulation modeling, predicting hurricanes path, evaluate hurricane

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