Previous projects

M.S. Thesis: Software testability measure for SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), 2012

The aim of this thesis is to propose a software testability measurement method for AADL models and subsequently build a plugin on the Open Source AADL Tool Environment (OSATE) that can automatically analyze architecture components written in AADL. Based on these quantified testability measures, a test strategy can be proposed as well as insight can be gained in how to improve software architecture for higher testability.

Mobile target management using GPS devices (GPS/GSM/GPRS modem, Nokia 5800 with GPS navigation), 2009.

Products of this project include a website, a desktop application for monitoring cars or any mobile objects that are attached GPS devices, a web app on Nokia 5800 and an embedded program on GPS/GSM/GPRS modem that send information related to devices location to server, technology used: Google Map API, C#, CPP, Assembly, MSSQL, AJAX, Nokia WRT)

Viterbi algorithm simulation, 2008. (Simulation on MATLAB).

Remote controlling over telephone line, 2007.

Taking advantage of DMTF signal to translate each phone key combination pressed to a command and control devices that are parallel connected to home phone, programmed using Keil C, Assembly